Charlie Sdraulig




Composing interactions defined by liminal perceptual and physical contingencies.

A recent work (headphones recommended):

About the piece: collector takes a hypersensitive approach to touch. The keyboard is conceived primarily as a physical environment to be navigated by the pianist in a quasi-indeterminate/exploratory way. Choreographic actions are seeded in this environment for the pianist to execute, which may only occasionally audibly sound. The pianist listens to these resultant sounds, comparing and categorizing them. These decisions in turn impact how the pianist navigates the keyboard: touch is mediated by listening.

Upcoming projects include a new piece for solo performer and electronics for Joshua Hyde, a revision of a sextet for Distractfold for April 2017, as well as a new version of scan for the Spektral Quartet for May 2017. Future performances in the US and Germany of collector are also currently in preparation. Further afield, a brass duo for ELISION in 2018.