Charlie Sdraulig




Selected Works

one to one (2018-19) for vocalizing violinist and audient [material] [trailer]
for Marco Fusi

fade (2018) for amplified vocalists, sound engineer, and dynamic noise floor [material] [sound (download)]
for Ekmeles

whispering in one another's ears (2017-18) music theatre for six performers, objects, lighting, and four-channel electronics
[video] [trailer] for mocrep

alongside (2017-18) for voice and piano, with amplification [material]

many translations (2017) for amplified percussion trio [material] [video]
for line upon line percussion

we've never been so close (2016-17) for solo voice and electronics [material] [video]
for Joshua Hyde

apart and alike (2017) for two unequal groups, and a moderator [material]
for James Weeks and the CoMA workshop

alike and apart (2016) for two performers [material] [soundcloud]
for Weston Olencki and Matt Barbier (RAGE)

scan (2016-17) for amplified string quartet (or octet) [material] [video]
for the Spektral and JACK quartets

emulator (2015-16) for sensor augmented cymbal and electronics [material] [video]
A study

one and another (2015) for two voices (and electronics) [material] [video]
for the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

collector (2014-15) for solo piano [material] [video]
for Zubin Kanga
(individuals in environments #2)

category (2013-14) for solo tuba [material] [video]
for Max Murray
(individuals in environments #1)

binary (2013-17) for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello [material]
for Distractfold
(process #4)

back and forth (2013) for amplified toy piano and bass guitar [score]
for Federico Costanza and Lucia D'Errico
(process #3)

no one both (2013) for violin, viola and cello [score] [video]
for Ensemble SurPlus at the 2013 Schloss Solitude Summer Academy
(process #2)

few (2013) for solo voice [score] [video] [text]
A miniature
(breath #3)

between (2012-13) for flute and violin [material] [video1] [video2]
(process #1)

close (2012) for shakuhachi, voice and a bowed string [score] [soundcloud] [video]
for the Atlas Ensemble
Version for clarinet, voice and a bowed string [score]
(breath #2)

trace (2012) for descant recorder with piano, both amplified [score] [soundcloud] [video]
for Hannah Coleman, recorder and Anne Veinberg, piano (Duo H|A)
(breath #1)

string (2012) for one to four players [score] [recording]
A miniature for the London Sinfonietta

hush (2011-12) for harp and cello [score] [soundcloud] [video]
For Martino Panizza and Alice Purton

(Other scores and recordings omitted here are available upon request.)