Charlie Sdraulig




Interaction in line, breath and process [text]

Interview on Tim Rutherford-Johnson's The Rambler: 'The risk of sound being produced' [link]

Michael Baldwin on preparing and performing few (2013) for solo voice: reflections, documentation and an interview [hub]

Weston Olencki on few (2013) for solo voice [text]

Martino Panizza: La musica di Charlie Sdraulig e l’Estetica del Pianissimo [link]

Tim Rutherford-Johnson (The Rambler) on the notation of hush (2011-12) for harp and cello [link]

Tim Rutherford-Johnson has written briefly on my music in his book Music after the Fall [link]

Jennie Gottschalk has written briefly on my music in her book experimental music since 1970 [link]