Charlie Sdraulig




Selected compositions

(As these pieces are sometimes extremely soft, try to watch and listen in a quiet environment on headphones or a good set of speakers. For high quality audio contact me [here])

whispering in one another's ears (2017-18) music theatre for six performers, objects, lighting, and four-channel electronics

scan (2016-17) for amplified string quartet

many translations (2016-17) for amplified percussion trio

we've never been so close (2016-17) for amplified voice and electronics

one and another (2015) for two voices (and electronics)

collector (2014-15) for solo piano

category (2013-14) for solo tuba

no one both (2013) for violin, viola and cello

few (2013) for solo voice

between (2012-13) for flute and violin

another realisation [here]

close (2012) for shakuhachi, voice and a bowed string

trace (2012) for descant recorder with piano

hush (2011-12) for harp and cello


Peter Ablinger Hanna Schygulla from Voices and Piano (1998-)

Peter Ablinger Morton Feldman from Voices and Piano (1998-)

C.P.E. Bach Fantasia in F major Wq 59/5 (1782)